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June 8, 2022, Natalie Peri is a Director, Producer, Actress, Writer and Singer who has an amazing story that involved challenges growing up. She was on the Voice For Victims Podcast Show and the Comfort Circle Show and told her story.
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Natalie Peri Biography
What Began In Hollywood’s Golden Age Is Happening Again Right Now
The beautiful and talented model, actor, singer, writer, producer, and director Natalie Peri is about to repeat one of Hollywood’s oldest and time-honored traditions by becoming the next spectacular overnight sensational discovery to grace the media and entertainment pages, the industries of film, television, and stage, and the fashion and advertising circles around the entire world. It’s actually happening right now folks. It’s beyond our control and hers, and there’s no denying it and no stopping its progress.
The seeds of her pending Hollywood discovery could be seen as early as 2015 when attention to her beauty, charisma, and incredible acting talent began attracting growing attention from the entertainment industry, and was beginning to simmer and take shape, as Natalie began to attract a huge unbelievable social media following. Unsolicited offers for film and television roles began to start appearing quarterly, then weekly and steadily increasing up until present day in 2021 with more unsolicited role offers via calls and messaging daily and sometimes hourly.
Natalie has so much work lined up for her in the future that there are almost too many projects to count. She was just offered multiple roles including in projects such as “Footsteps,’ “Bloody Nuns 3,” “BEGS 2” alongside the famous actor Tony Todd a.k.a. his character, Candyman, “Camp Murder 2,” “Camp Blood Lust”, “Montauk Misery,” and a lead role soon in a feature movie being filmed in the U.K. A few of her films that were completed previously were “The Streetz,” “Panic In Detroit,” “Moth,” and recently “Bloody Nuns” and “Bloody Nuns 2” were completed, soon to be followed by “Bloody Nuns 3.” Coming up on television, Natalie was just offered a lead role in a new undisclosed film project, which will expand her acting, fighting, and stunt performance talents by playing the role of a warrior. Recently, in the summer of 2021, Natalie has been offered many more new film and television projects, a few of which include a lead role as Madeline De Nostradomis, and other multiple roles in different episodes from different eras of the storyline such as Mira a vampire, and an Alien, in the Television Series horror thriller “The Nostradomis Mission.”
Natalie will have a lead role in a true story titled “The Streets of Boston,” a supporting role in another true story titled “My Sakawa Lover,” and a supporting role in “Mixxer” starring Tara Reid. Natalie has recently been offered two lead roles in two separate Western feature films, “Desert Fish,” filming in New Mexico, portraying Salina, a girl with American/Spanish heritage filming in New Mexico, and a second Western filming in Arizona. She has recently been offered her own completely funded television series on a major network of her own concept and design, and the pilot for that series titled “Even Steven Incorporated” will be filmed soon, along with a second pilot for a second television series titled “Something Nyce.”
Natalie’s music career took off when she began working professionally for five years performing for large parties and major events over Long Island, New York as part of the highly-popular duo-team called Rockin’ Robin, where she gained experience singing favorites of 50s, 60s, 70s, and later periods. Beginning in 2010, Natalie has performed in over 5000 shows with Rockin’ Robin, and she began posting some of her recorded shows on her social media accounts. Natalie’s music can be heard today on SoundCloud at the following link:
Natalie Peri On SoundCloud
Over the past year, Natalie has received requests and was featured in 55 different interviews (including 5 in all over the world (e.g., Spain, Ireland, and Scotland).These interviews all occur on
radio, TV, internet, and in magazine interviews and she was just interviewed and featured in an article in Poze Magazine. One of Natalie’s previous interviews was broadcast coast-to-coast on the Mike Wagner Show, heard on 30-plus podcast platforms. Natalie’s Instagram account is increasing out of sight by leaps and bounds, and Natalie has just been nominated for a candidate for “Entertainment Influencer Of The Year.” Natalie was just offered a Producer position with a noted film group and film and TV role offers are flowing in almost hourly now. In 2022, she will be playing the role of a Commercial Airline pilot similar to that in Tom Cruise’s film “American Made.”
Natalie had much more in her favor than just a love and passion for the entertainment industry, she also has an abounding talent that only a few are given, such as a photographic memory that enables her to memorize an entire script overnight or multiple script pages just 30 minutes before filming begins. Her directors are blown away by her acting talent, and they call her back for new projects over and over again.
Very early in her career, Natalie was extremely fortunate to be chosen for the model representing the Crunch Fitness club. Natalie’s image was seen on billboards throughout New York and New Jersey for three months, and was also shown in New York City on the sides of buses during that time. Because of the fame she received from that exposure, a year or so later she was interviewed for an article in Cover Girl InStyle magazine.
Natalie is in total disbelief of what’s happening to her and her career as she is being pursued almost daily now by directors, producers, talent agencies wanting to sign her up for project after project. She will soon have a lead role acting and singing in a feature film musical titled “Voice of an Angel” which has a companion Novel by the same title with Natalie’s photo on the book cover. Natalie will soon play a gangster in a film titled “Samuels Beyond Justice,” a credit just added to IMDB mid-February 2022.
Natalie has been represented for the past eight years by her Manager and Business Partner Charles C. Brooks, President of Prime Film Ventures, Inc. Charles is also a co-writer along with Natalie on many film and tv projects including two film projects, “Jessica Lives,” an action revenge thriller, and “Psych Ruins,” a supernatural reincarnation horror film that will be produced soon by Cult Cinema. Natalie is also represented by her Manager Gisela Shiffer and 3G Management. Natalie Agent/Producer Kevin Cornell Kellum at Ascendant Talent Management that recently merged with Ubiquity Entertainment Corporation. Kevin has asked Natalie to portray bad-girl villain Janessa Sims in his action/drama/crime TV series titled “Vice Squad,” that will play all around the world. There will be different flavors of “Vice Squad” and the Janessa Sims character will appear in all of them, such as “Vice Squad N.Y.” and “Vice Squad Atlanta,” and “Vice Squad L.A., etc.
Natalie recently wrote and composed the music for a song titled “Taken” for an epic four-film Sci Fi series titled “Alien Park” (Website: that deals with people abducted by Aliens from National Parks. As if Natalie’s love and passion for music, film, and stage and having abounding talent were not enough, Natalie also was born with what filmmakers have grown to know as “the look” as in the nickname of “it girl” first given to the actress Clara Bow in 1927 and followed over the years with such notables as Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Liegh, and Marilyn Monroe. From her early youth through adulthood, Natalie has always had “the look” and the charisma that draws people to her, which seems to be paying off spectacularly for her career in 2021.
Some people have compared Natalie Peri to Marilyn Monroe, probably because of her seemingly overnight popularity and fandom that has appeared almost magically. From the unbelievable attention Natalie is receiving from all over the world, it is about to continue Hollywood’s Golden Age tradition of another great discovery. There doesn’t seem to be any possibility of stopping this train of success that Natalie is experiencing this very moment.
So get ready fans and future fans of Natalie Peri. Fasten your seat belts World, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Natalie Peri may be poised to continue Hollywood’s Golden Age Tradition by becoming a figure that only seems to come around like one of those fiery comets once every 40 or 50 years, and that is:
The Next Great Discovery
Hollywood’s Next Blonde Bombshell “It Girl”
Natalie Peri – Actress/Singer/Writer/Producer/Director
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